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Tropicalization Services

Tropicalization, a historical know-how with us from the conventional machine tool to the most singular equipment.

TC all-climate treatment service

This is the standard treatment suitable for: corrosive environments with oil and solvent splashes, climates at all latitudes with relative humidity up to 98% at a temperature of -80 to 140°C, without large variations in these which can cause strong condensation or even water run-off.

This makes the treatment suitable for tropical and equatorial areas if the equipment is placed in adequately ventilated industrial premises. The insulating materials are selected for their high electrical, dielectric and mechanical performance. The material enclosures receive a phosphate protective coating or a galvanic treatment.

Example: A product exposed outdoors in France will be treated with TH, whereas a product in a ventilated and air-conditioned room in Senegal will be treated with TC, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Publication on examples of our contribution in this field of tropicalization