Solving the Drone Karma® Pairing Problem

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We are solving the pairing problem between the Drone Karma® and the GoPro® Controller, which GoPro® can’t solve the problem without returning the KARMA® equipment to the factory to take the motherboard back to the production floor, but GoPro® has sold its entire drone production line […]

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Hello everyone,  

During our meeting with our largest partners in the United States (Intel Corp® & Boston Dynamics®), the creation of our agency in the United States in New York, planned for mid-2023, has been postponed for one year due to the reorganization of our clients due to the conflicting European situation which creates an unpredictable international financial flow. Our agency in the United States in New York was to be a direct link with our laboratory in Paris, GoPro KARMA. This link, intended to facilitate exchanges, will therefore not be available for the moment. So let’s continue with the current process that works very well for exchanges between the United States and us without change for this year. Don’t forget to ask us for the correct procedure for shipping outside Europe at the email address [email protected].


To answer some frequently asked questions:

  • For shipping price inquiries, the average shipping costs within Europe are 35€ including taxes. For international shipping, the highest cost we have recorded is 70€ including taxes, following the proper procedure we provide for tax clearance.
  • As for repair price inquiries, the pairing issue is a common occurrence and happens when the remote controller is unable to communicate with the KARMA drone. This can be caused by any faulty component. Additionally, the drone’s architecture does not allow the LEDs that light up to provide useful information on the cause of this problem.

Since the KARMA drone has a multi-bus and multi-processor architecture, it contains multiple controllers and processors. The different lighting on the drone (rear and feet) is controlled by the first processor to allow for micro software injection in case of a micro software crash (for example, after a bad update). Even if the motherboard is broken in two, the first processor will turn on the LEDs, but this does not provide any functional information about the state of the drone, only that the battery is providing power. The 6 PCB circuits of the KARMA body contain multiple processors and are protected by encrypted internal communication and a UID (Unique Identifier) with the serial numbers of the components. This architecture is necessary to prevent any hacking of the flight system and to meet the safety requirements of the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) and the DGCA (Civil Aviation Authority).

Our procedure is to take in your equipment at no cost and provide a quote. If your equipment requires a reset of the NAND flash memory and reprogramming, the cost will be 20€ before taxes. In the case where the NAND flash memory needs to be replaced (because it is saturated by too many log writes and becomes unusable), the cost will be 32€ before taxes.

  • To answer a question we often receive, “why do you need the complete set to repair the pairing?” The answer is simple: at the end of the repair process, we need to serialize and encrypt the KARMA set. For this, we need a unique set with an RSA SPI ID and a unique NAND flash pairing serial number. It is therefore simpler and safer to take yours, which is necessarily unique, rather than risk creating a duplicate, which is completely forbidden. This is exactly the same process that was carried out at the end of the production line at GoPro.

We recently added a validation step by a referent in our equipment reception process. If you don’t frequent the GoPro forums, we can put you in touch with ValorConseilCalvados clients near you who could be your mentor. To do so, please send us your mentorship request to [email protected] Don’t forget to mention your mentor on the package when shipping.

Our current workload is very high and we expect a minimum delay of 3 weeks to perform an intervention. We are truly sorry, but we receive several tens of GoPro KARMA equipment to repair from all corners of the world every week.

Our procedure provides for the establishment of a quote within 72 hours of receiving your equipment. If the problem is related to the GPS or NAND memory, the repair cost will be between 20 and 32 € HT or depending on the diagnosis carried out and any parts that may be necessary for the repair. However, you will always receive a quote before any repair and it is up to you to decide whether or not you want to proceed with the repair. If you choose not to repair, the quote will be free but you will have to pay the return costs of the equipment.

For this, we need to receive the minimum set (drone, gimbal, camera, remote control, battery) in order to be able to reseal and encrypt the micro software at the end of the process. As for your Karma drone, you need to send us (if possible in its original bag for better protection during transport) the drone, gimbal, camera, remote control, and a battery, but no need for accessories or charger. Don’t forget to attach a UN3481 PI 966 LIBA label to the package to comply with the LiPo battery transport standards and don’t forget to write “for repair, not for sale” on all sides of the package to avoid paying unnecessary tax (the equipment has no market value).

  • We often receive the following question: “Why do we send our equipment to a temporary private address instead of sending it directly to your GoPro Karma laboratory near Paris?”

The reason is simple: you are sending the equipment to a temporary private address, that of Mr. Luis NOBRE, for dispatch in order to avoid the very high company tax on international entry into France, which represents customs administrative fees of 35 USD + 20% of the reference merchandise value. For example, if the customs officer checks that the reference price in their catalog is 1500 USD, this represents 300 USD only for the entry tax for a repair of 20 USD, which is absurd. Unfortunately, the international shipping system handles temporary repair shipments with return to sender very poorly, which forces us to opt for this administrative solution in agreement with the French customs which legitimately avoids this 335 USD tax.

Therefore, for any shipment from Europe, please send the equipment in the name of the company ValorConseilCalvados to the following address: 22, avenue des Coteaux 14790 Verson, France. For any shipment from a country other than Europe, please send the equipment in the name of Mr. Luis NOBRE to the following address: 22, avenue des Coteaux 14790 Verson, France. We will route your equipment to our GoPro Karma laboratories near Paris.

For the shipment, please send your equipment, with tracking, to this routing address:

22, avenue des coteaux
14790 Verson France

We will route your equipment to our GoPro Karma laboratories located near Paris.

Once your drone has been taken in charge, we will perform an analysis and send you a quote within 72 business hours, offering you two repair options available:

  • Repair with renewal by erasing all logs (essential for reselling as new)
  • Optimal repair by repairing each defective component, but in this case, the lead time will be longer (repairing electronic boards is more difficult than replacing them with new ones).

Our team includes engineers from the former GoPro drone team and we are able to definitively solve the pairing problem between the Karma® drone and the GoP

ro® controller, which GoPro® cannot solve without returning the Karma® equipment to the factory to recover the motherboard on the nail board production. However, GoPro® sold its drone production chain and, without wanting to defend them, they cannot positively respond to this subject due to this sale. We use the tools that were used on the Karma®  production line with all their programming for the production of the Karma®, the most important being to have one of the parametric controllers of the former Karma® production factory used at the end of the chain, allowing for parametric tests, operational tests and dynamic tests on all controllers and to validate the entire product through dynamic points.

It is impossible to electronically reprogram the NAND flash memory due to its design which includes encryption with a unique identification key. In this case, we can replace the NAND with a latest generation memory with a 10 times deeper writing depth. After the repair, there will be no more problems as the cause of the problem will be definitively eliminated.

We can also use TestStand to remotely control a parametric tester such as Keithley Parametric Test Systems, which allows us to assist you remotely.

Due to the high demand for the generic pairing problem repair of the GoPro Karma drone, we have also set up a repair line for this problem in our agency in Taiwan. The repair cost is $5 per unit, for a minimum quantity of 100 units. If you have less than 100 units, the repair will be handled in France.

We hope to have been as transparent as possible in our response.

Regards, ValorConseilCalvados

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