Solving the Drone Karma® Pairing Problem

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We are solving the pairing problem between the Drone Karma® and the GoPro® Controller, which GoPro® can’t solve the problem without returning the KARMA® equipment to the factory to take the motherboard back to the production floor, but GoPro® has sold its entire drone production line […]

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GoPro cannot solve this type of problem as they have resold their entire drone production line; without wanting to defend them, it is not a lack of faith in their product but a lack of capability.

We have ex-GoPro drone engineers on our team.

We also have the tools and programming that were used on the production line of the Karma. The most important thing is to have one of the parametric controllers from the old factory, used at the end of the production line to program the Karma controllers and validate the assembly of the product, while allowing test points to carry out parametric tests, functional tests, and dynamic tests.

We do have the capability to assist you remotely to perform parametric tests such as Keithley Parametric Test Systems using TestStand.

Our mode of operation for a resolution is the creation of a support quote/estimate within 72 hours after the receipt of your equipment set. An equipment set consists of a drone including battery, stabiliser/gimbal, camera and remote control (If possible in its original bag for good transport protection – No need for accessories or charger). The set is required for final serialisation.

To prevent delays and customs tax, your package should be shipped and labelled as “Equipment for Repair”. To comply with various laws and regulations you will need to add a UN3481 PI 966 LIBA label (used to denote Lithium ion batteries contained in equipment or packed with equipment.).

To answer a question that we are often asked, « why do you need the whole set (KARMA, Gimbal, one battery, camera, remote) for pairing repair » Simply at the end of the repair process we need to serialize the encryption of the KARMA set, for this we need a unique set for ID RSA SPI and unique serial number of SPI NAND Flash Security Features: UID and Array Protection coupling. And therefore the simplest and to take yours which is necessarily unique, a root unique identification (UID) cryptographic key. The UID is unique for each individual device and linked to other identifiers on the device. Otherwise we take the risk of a duplicate which is totally prohibited. It is exactly this same process that was done at the end of the production chain at GoPro drone.

We have no preference concerning the carrier but would suggest a tracked and/or signed delivery (we mainly use UPS, internationally).

Shipping address:

22 Avenue des coteaux
14790 Verson France

We are sorry that the only solution is to send us your equipment set and understand concerns about distance, but please be advised that we regularly receive material from all over the world and will provide a support quote/estimate within 72 hours of receipt.

The cost of our support quote/estimate is €0+tax.
A reset of the flash and reprogramming would cost €15+tax a total of €15+tax.
To replace the flash the cost would be €20+tax a total of €20+tax.

After the repair there should not be any more problems, as the cause of the problem would have been eliminated. 

We have been as transparent as possible in our response and look forward to hearing from you.

Regards VVC ValorConseilCalvados

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