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Example (GoPro KARMA, Tropicalization, Dev.SDK, DJI Parrot…)

Here is an example, we are solving the pairing problem between the Drone Karma® and the GoPro® Controller, which GoPro® can’t solve the problem without returning the KARMA® equipment to the factory to take the motherboard back to the production floor, but GoPro® has sold its entire drone production line; without defending them, it’s not in bad faith that they can only answer in the negative. We use the tools that were used on the production line with all their programming for the production of the KARMA®, the most important thing is to have one of the parametric controllers of the former Karma® production plant used at the end of the line allowing us to do parametric tests, functional tests, dynamic tests, to test, to program all the controllers and to validate the whole product, don’t hesitate to contact us.

We have created a universal gimbal for GoPro® KARMA®. We are constantly improving drone functionality for enterprise applications. We are also finding new ways to jointly develop solutions that open up new applications for drone technology, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Another classic example,    is the tropicalization for the African continent of the DJI® Mavic 3®, Inspire 2® in its all versions, typically to cope with very destructive saline humidity, fully protected against water, sand, dust. Protected against water jets from all directions with a hose. Without this type of protection the drone in this context has a flight time before dropping inexorably under 5 minutes with the added effect of extreme corrosiveness, don’t hesitate to contact us.


Another classic example,    is the customization, with QLM Technology® the development of a quantum magnetometer solution that detects methane leaks in pipelines up to a distance of 100 meters. The system of measurement weighing a few kg can be embarked in a large-scale drone flying at 50 km/h. They use a laser that illuminates a gaseous medium of variable opacity and a photodetector , don’t hesitate to contact us.

Obviously the example development of customized applications on manufacturer SDKs, allowing code to be executed directly on the drone, you will be able to have specific programs for custom autonomous flight missions and thus push the limits of your flying tool by accessing sensors, connectivity interfaces and autopilot functions. This gives the possibility to create mobile applications. You will be able to act on all the on-board features. Our expertise in the engineering of on-board equipment for UAV/UAS drones, for example, is helping dozens of leading companies and hardware developers to offer new and unique solutions in the sector, don’t hesitate to contact us.